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How do Pvc Label Dripping Machine work

How do Pvc Label Dripping Machine work

The Pvc Label Dripping Machine With Many Machines, For Making The Pvc Label, It Needs The Whole Production Line,

Let Me Introduce The Whole Process:


About mixing the pvc material and color by the mixing machine,after finished mixing, put the material

into the vacuum machine for removing the air and bubble , like the picture1

picture 2

About the dispensing machine, for filling the logo of the mold with pvc material, controlled by the teach box and computer,

you can control the color by yourself. before filling the logo, it needs draw a file at teach box or computer.like the picture 2

picture 3

About the PVC production line, for baking and frying the logo of the mold after finished filling logo,it has two working

stations, one for baking the surface logo, one is for baking the basic feeding, it can work together and independently.like the picture 3

picture 4

About the feeding machine, for filling the basic feeding of the mold, similar the dispensing machine. like the picture 4

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