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Maintenance of dispensing machine

Maintenance of dispensing machine
The daily maintenance work of the dispensing machinewill directly
affect the quality of the dispensing,work efficiency,service life.
So we must do a good job in the maintenance of the dispensing
machine in the daily use.The maintenance of the dispensing
machine are mainly the several points:

1.First,when the glue needs to be replaced,clean the pipe .Then,
turn off the feed valve,open the discharge valve,and drain the
residual glue in the barrel.Next,turn of the discharge valve,open
the feed valve,and pour the cleaning solvent into the glue barrel.
Last,activate the machine and press out the solvent according to
the usual steps.

2.Regular cleaning machine work tabel,keep clean,can prolong the
service life of the dispensing machine.

3.The pressure is not normal,and found the water vapor,please be
pressure within the filter water out ,or check the pressure
source is not unusual.

4.The often moving parts of the dispensing machine should always
be buttered and keep lubricated.

5.The dispensing machine is in a state of non use for a long time
the power supply should be close.It can prolong the life of the
machine and save the electricity.

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