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precautions for cooling table:

precautions for cooling table:
1.About supply voltage:
The cooling table of our company adopts 220v power supply ,please determine whether the local power supply voltage match .Strictly follow the tips the thread to connect the lines.
2.Don`t share o power switch with other high power appliances .If you do this ,it will cause voltage instability ,and will lose the original internal and data.
3.Don`t splash the liquid into the cooling table ,If happening ,unplug the power immediately and embalm.
4.Don`t change the original standard power cord without permission .
The power line adopted by cooling table is certified by the state.For safety and no damage to the cooling table ,please use the standard power cord with the original configuration.
5.Don`t open the chassis without permission or remove the original parts of the cooling table .If you want to open it,please deenergization.And disassembly under the licensed professional maintenance enginee of our company.

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