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the sandblasting machine for cleaning and fixing mold

the sandblasting machine for cleaning and fixing mold

Sandblasting Machine: It is a kind of mechanical equipment that can make abrasive medium use compressed air as power

and spray to the surface of workpiece. The abrasive sprayed onto the workpiece surface impact grinding, the workpiece

surface impurities, noise and oxide layer removed, while the workpiece surface roughening, so as to enhance the surface

adhesion and improve the workpiece surface hardness.
Sandblasting sand particle size or type
How to get the desired effect, the type of sand with the particle size is the key, the type of sand can also directly shadow

processing efficiency, such as rust, corundum, glass beads, iron sand, plastic particles can be achieved, but consider To

the cost and efficiency, the final iron ore and brown corundum is more suitable, the efficiency of corundum is undoubtedly

much higher than iron, but with high hardness and high crushing is also proportional to the overall cost will be higher than

the iron sand, therefore, the purchase of sand When to choose according to their own needs, choose what kind of wrong and

right, is entirely based on different angles to consider fit.

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