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The trivia of KPU

The trivia of KPU

The advantages of KPU/RPU/CPU/PU:
1.KPU/RPU/CPU/PU products after curing to form to very flexible pattern.The products colorful,resistance to yellow ,cold,good adhesion.
2.The products soft,flexible,breathable,comfortable,environmentally friendly.

The advantage of shoe machine :
1.Independent 6 station operation,can do 6 different mold production,according to the size of the shoe mold can do 2 or 4 shoe cover,improved production efficiency.
2.Adopting the circulating cooling device to reduce the temperature,the pressure is stable,the energy conservation and increased,and the serivce life of the machine is increased.
3.Using famous brand digital display temperature control,temperature stability is controlled at +1
4.Upperand lower 3 layers,2 head,6 working position,putput value is improved,energy saving and environmental protection.

Application of shoe machine:
Mainly used for KPU/CPU shoe,sports shoe ,cloth adhesive ,basketball uppers,bags,outdoor supplies and other surface KPU embossing ,KPU label,KPU female shoe boots,KPU mobile phone case,KPU/RPU/CPU bag,pen bag,backpack,gloves,sports shoes,fashion casual shoes,luggage.

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