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Uasully PVC Products & Classification

Uasully PVC Products & Classification
Whole name is Polyvinyl Chloride, is the main raw material and plastic decorative materials. Commonly known as plastic.

PVC have two classes: soft and hard. Soft PVC products is made by our machine. But the hard is also. The differ in additive.

The soft add to softener. On the contrary the hard. Easy to form and good toughness. If use it to make gift products, it need to mix, vacuum dispense, bake. Final is forming.

Our machine can make it. If you want. Customized and design.
Final clothes logo, words, emboss and so on.
PVC gifts, keychain, label, car mats etc.
Silicone mobile cover, tea cup mats, bar mats etc.
Can use emboss machine, heating machine, injection machine.

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